Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Carriers are very hesitant to appoint new agencies and the volume requirements can often be prohibitive. We have the ability to offer direct sub-codes with much less volume needed to satisfy the relationship. Lower volumes allow your agency the ability to represent multiple companies.

  • Sub-coded contracts with name brand insurance carriers
  • Profit sharing and growth bonus participation from dollar one
  • Aggregation of existing books of profitable business
  • Placement assistance on tougher to place accounts
  • Target market training
  • Strategic Planning
  • Coaching / Training

Our members own their books of business whether sub-coded or run through our brokerage unit.

Sub-coded business will show your agency's name, business written through the brokerage unit will show First Choice Insurance as the agent of record, but contractually you own that business.

We pay you 70% of all excess compensation we negotiate on your behalf for sub-coded business based on your level of participation and loss ratio where applicable.

We have a team of individuals that assist you in creating a strategic plan to help your agency achieve the greatest amount of revenue possible for the carriers you represent. We do this through target market education of the classes your carriers want to write. This will generate higher than average commissions, good propensity for renewals, and low service volumes. Your additional revenue will help you grow your agency, hire producers, and ultimately be more profitable.
Strategic planning is a critical component to agency success in the long term. You have access to:
  • Seasoned agency owners who have built profitable commercial lines profit centers
  • Coaches who have effectively mentored agency owners and producers for many years
  • Proven strategies to engage your team and improve productivity and time management
  • Assistance in building an effective marketing plan
  • Peer advisory groups
  • Perpetuation planning