Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Networks generally can offer direct sub-codes with much less volume requirements than what would be required of an agency on their own. Lower volume requirements allow an agency to represent multiple companies. The best part of an alliance with FCAA, is the potential for additional revenue over and above what you might earn on your own. Are you in Profit Sharing with every carrier?

  • Access to Top Insurance Company contracts
  • Significantly more excess compensation earning potential
  • Higher base commissions at times – upwards of 20% in some cases
  • Multitude of Vendor resources
  • Strategic planning at Agency Owner level
  • Producer sourcing
  • Producer development programs
  • Best Practice procedures and analysis
  • Succession Planning
  • Internal security reviews
  • Google presence optimization
  • Target marketing plans
  • Bi-weekly educational webinars
  • Member portal with carrier and vendor resources
  • Monthly newsletter
  • Annual member meeting and trade show

Members earn 70% of all growth bonuses and profit sharing based on their applicable contribution to the total, from dollar one.

  • We offer Bi Weekly topical education sessions with a wide range of topics to help you grow revenue in your agency. From sourcing and hiring top producers, to keeping your agency safe from security threats to marketing in a new world.
  • Our coaches help each new agency build an individual strategic plan for growth. We follow Best Practice modeling to assist our members in creating a focus on the critical indicators that build agency wealth over time.
  • We work with agencies to build marketing plans and to increase online presence to drive business to our agent members.
  • We spend a great deal of time sourcing and developing new producing talent in conjunction with our carriers and vendors.
  • Our focus also involves succession planning and our group is full of potential buyers when it’s time to take that next step.

When choosing an aggregator, you should consider:

  • What carriers are offered? Do these carriers fill your needs for the products you sell?
  • What is the commission structure?
  • When do profit bonuses and revenue sharing begin and at what level?
  • What are the fees for start-up, monthly, and exiting?
  • What other support services are provided?
  • What is the experience of the management team?

First Choice has the structure in place to provide you with revenue opportunity that can’t be beat. When speaking with us, you will hear the word “revenue” mentioned repeatedly. That’s our focus, getting additional revenue to our members.

First Choice has the experience, knowledge, and leverage to help agents build a commercial lines profit and revenue center.