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Can’t I just get my own carrier appointments without using an aggregator?

Absolutely! But understand there are minimum premium requirements. For the carriers to devote their underwriting resources to you, they expect you to devote premium to them.

Here are some questions to ask of yourself when considering getting a direct appointment with a carrier:

  • Do you have the knowledge to sell the products the carrier offers?
  • Do you have producers to tackle the market?
  • Do you have the premium volume?
  • What is your loss ratio?
  • Have you had a contract terminated by an insurance carrier?

If any of these questions cause you concern, then they will be of concern to the carriers as well.

Why choose First Choice?

  • Having direct carrier appointments, you can earn 30-50% more commission for business you broker today.
  • With direct appointments you have direct access to your carriers. No third-party intermediary to deal with. Time is money!
  • Growth incentives and Profit Sharing from Dollar One!
  • Many regional carriers not available with most brokers.
  • Middle Market Access as well as small commercial
  • Excess & Surplus Lines arrangements paying 20% more commission than you could earn on your own.
  • Flood contracts paying 20% additional revenue with Direct Access
  • Chubb High Net Worth personal lines access
  • Strategic Coaching and Education
  • You OWN all business written through an alliance with First Choice
  • You know us! You have personal friends using First Choice. Aggregate your volume with people you know!

How is First Choice different from other Insurance Networks?

When choosing an Insurance Network, you should consider:

  • What carriers are offered? Do these carriers fill your needs for the products you sell?
  • What is the commission structure?
  • When do profit bonuses and revenue sharing begin and at what level?
  • What are the fees for start-up, monthly, and exiting?
  • What other support services are provided?
  • What is the experience of the management team?

First Choice has the structure in place to provide you with revenue opportunity that can’t be beat. When speaking with us, you will hear the word “revenue” mentioned repeatedly. That’s our focus, getting additional revenue to our members.

First Choice has the experience, knowledge, and leverage to help agents build a commercial lines profit and revenue center.

What is an Insurance Aggregator?

Insurance aggregators are made up of insurance agent members. Typically, these members join an aggregator to get access to insurance carriers they might not be able to get on their own. The aggregator combines the premium written by each member to obtain growth bonuses and profit sharing from the carriers they are appointed with.

As an example, let’s say an exclusive insurance agent has the permission to write business with other carriers. Where do they start? Do they contact each carrier individually? Do they have the premium volume to satisfy the requirements of the carrier? Using an aggregator alleviates these challenges.

In addition, aggregators can provide additional resources for training, producer hiring, product discounts, and assistance in market placement.

Ultimately an aggregator provides the benefit of a group versus going at it on your own.