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First Choice Agents Alliance (FCAA) is one of the largest insurance networks in the United States.

Our primary goal is to assist members in achieving profitable revenue growth year after year. We accomplish this through strategic planning, business and marketing plan assistance and producer development programs. These resources in conjunction with top carrier alignment and superior compensation programs, provide our member agencies the road map to Best Practices and profitable growth.


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  • Profit Sharing – Dollar One
  • Growth Bonuses
  • Additional Commission

First Choice member agents receive 100% of commission paid on direct appointments. In addition, they participate in profit sharing and growth bonuses from dollar one.


  • Top Carriers
  • Direct Appointments
  • In-House Risk Placement Team

First Choice member agents have access to a multitude of top insurance companies through direct appointments as well as through our Risk Placement Team.


  • Strategic Coaching/Planning
  • Marketing Resources
  • Producer Development

Strategic planning is a critical component to agency success in the long term and the core of our model. In addition, our seasoned coaches assist our members in building business and marketing plans as well as providing extensive assistance in the internet security and google presence space.

Ask yourself…

  • Are you receiving at least 15-20% commission on your Commercial Book of Business?
  • Do you receive profit sharing with each of your insurance companies?
  • Do you have a solid strategic plan for growing revenue in your agency?


The Benefits of being a member of FCAA

Agents who are part of FCAA see the benefits of profit sharing, dollar one; growth bonuses, and competitive commissions. We offer much higher base commissions – upwards of 20% in some cases; better loss ratios, which result in higher profit sharing payouts, an easier sales process and pipeline acquisition, and the ability to more easily onboard new producers.
Having access to a broad selection of top carriers, direct appointments, and access to systems is one of the highlights of First Choice Agents Alliance membership. Successful agency owners get the right mix of carriers of all sizes. See the extensive carriers affiliated with FCAA membership here.
Are you selling one policy to lose one? It can happen in agencies as they grow. With access to multiple national carriers and strategic coaching provided, agents with First Choice Agents Alliance see a boost in insurance policy retention, which leads to long term profit.
Strategic planning and coaching is a critical component to agency success in the long term. First Choice Agents Alliance is different from other Aggregator models in that members have access to seasoned agency owners who have built profitable commercial lines profit centers and coaches who have effectively mentored agency owners and producers for many years.

What our members are saying

  • “Choosing FCAA as my commercial partner was an easy decision based on the familiarity and trust I have with the other members of FCAA. Being able to reach out and learn from members that I have known and respected for over 20 years was the deciding factor, as I compared similar opportunities in the marketplace.”
    – Michael Glick
    Agency President, Nationwide Insurance

  • “Our agency is putting investments into growing our Commercial Department. When our primary carrier encouraged this opportunity we began the process of looking for a team that would give us all of the advantages of dealing with one partner. That partner is FCAA. They give us access to National and Regional Carriers, Education for my commercial producers, Target Markets to focus on and a path to succeed.”
    – Keith Puffenbarger
    Owner, Puffenbarger Insurance Agency

  • “For me, beyond the multiple carrier access, our relationship specifically with AmWINS is the most important thing that has been generated from our agency joining First Choice. Rob and his team are tremendously helpful and always quick with communicating.”
    – McKay Tye
    Associate Agent, Tim Hausmann Agency

  • “First Choice is a first class operation. They have a great management team with a wealth of experience eager to help Nationwide Agents secure direct commercial carrier appointments. They offer national insurance carriers, sales training, target marketing, flood program and E & S markets.”
    – John Ferullo
    Agency Principal/Owner, Ferullo Insurance Agencies LLC

  • “Customers want choices and we want to provide those choices.  FCAA will help you get those direct commercial appointments.  They manage the relationship, monitor the premium commitments, attend carrier meetings and negotiate the bonus and contingency programs so I can focus on selling insurance. You need to try FCAA and experience the difference.”
    – Dan Noltensmeyer
    President, Noltensmeyer Insurance & Financial Services

  • “First Choice Agents Alliance has helped our Agency win many new accounts. The Staff at FCAA is very knowledgeable and helpful and the Insurance Carrier Line-up is perfect, with its mix of National and Regional Carriers to meet our needs.”
    – William J. Farber
    CFP®, President @ Donner-Farber & Associates, Inc.

  • “When it made sense for our clients, we have been writing business outside of Nationwide for years; however, it has been cumbersome, to say the least.  After signing CMC, we researched many options to make this process less complicated and more efficient.  First Choice Agents Alliance stood head and shoulders above all other options. Check them out, you’ll be glad you did.”
    – Ron Parks
    President, Parks Insurance Group

  • “First Choice has been great and allowed us to grow our business as well as make us more competitive for our current clients.  We are very pleased as an agency!”
    – Billy Staples
    Owner, Staples Insurance Agency

  • “First Choice has been an amazing partner to our agency. The ‘Golden Corral’ buffet of Carrier offerings is a huge part of that, but First Choice has stepped up well beyond a typical commercial aggregator.” 

    – Tim Hausmann
    CFP, Tim Hausmann Agency

  • “Joining FCAA has been a huge help for my agency.  The large agency meeting in November allowed our agency to understand many new markets and meet many of the underwriters we deal with on a day-to-day basis.  This allowed us to focus on a marketing plan as we moved into 2018.”
    – Ryan Harris
    Owner, Ryan Harris Insurance & Financial Services


Questions about First Choice Agents Alliance?

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